IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This website was created before 3rd May, therefore any reference to Christopher Pincher being the MP for Tamworth is now outdated. Parliament has dissolved and there are no MPs until after the General Election on 8th June. 

29 APR 2017

Help to Buy helping families onto the housing ladder in Tamworth

Since the Government first launched Help to Buy in 2013, 89 households in Tamworth have taken up the Equity Loan scheme to gain their first rung on...

28 APR 2017

Government inspector to decide Arkall Farm fate

The Government have 'called in' the application for land north of Ashby Road, otherwise known as Arkall Farm, following a request from local MP...

26 APR 2017

Employment remains at record high rate of 74.6%

The ONS last week published statistics which showed the employment rate is at its joint record high of 74.6%, with 31.84 million people now in...

Scottish Parliament: Engagements (18 May 2017)
Kezia Dugdale: Yesterday, the First Minister and I met Brendan Cox, the husband of Jo Cox. At that meeting, the First Minister—rightly—agreed that there is no place for abuse of any kind in our political debate. A few weeks ago, a prominent internet blogger said of Oliver Mundell, a member of this Parliament, that he “is the sort of public speaker that makes you wish that his dad had...

Scottish Parliament: Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (18 May 2017)
Lewis Macdonald: As the minister and other speakers have acknowledged, workers in the north-east of Scotland have had more experience in the past two years of large-scale redundancies than they have had for quite some time. The most obvious redundancies come from the downturn in the oil and gas sector, but the downturn has had wider impacts—the closure of restaurants and pubs, for example—and it...

Scottish Parliament: Fisheries (17 May 2017)
The Deputy Presiding Officer: We are running way behind time and it will affect the other speakers within your groups if you take extra time. I call Claudia Beamish, to be followed by John Finnie, who does not have another member in his group.

Scottish Parliament: Teacher Training Programme (17 May 2017)
The Deputy Presiding Officer: We move to open speeches. Speakers will be cut out unless everyone is very disciplined. I ask speakers to go for three and a half minutes, please.

Scottish Parliament: Disabled People (16 May 2017)
Sandra White: I welcome members of the various disability groups who are in the gallery. I also welcome the BSL interpreters, who do a fantastic job. I will try to speak slowly, so that they are able to keep up with me. I start with an unusual quotation from a speech that may come as a surprise to people. It will not come as a surprise to one person here, but it certainly came as a surprise to me. I will...


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