09 JAN 2017

Chris Backs Herald's Sir Robert Peel Petition

Sign our PETITION to save Tamworth hospital services TAMWORTH'S health service has been dealt a major blow with the news that the Minor Injuries Unit at the Robert Peel Hospital could close altogether. Now we want YOU to join us to help protect this vital local service, which is valued by the whol...

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16 NOV 2016

Mixed views on Donald Trump election from MPs Christopher Pincher and Craig Tracey

MPS Christopher Pincher and Craig Tracey have expressed mixed views on the new US President – Donald Trump. Millions of people worldwide watched the US Presidential Election results live on November 8, and it was New Yorker and business tycoon owner Trump who claimed victory over opponent Hil...

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10 NOV 2016

Tamworth MP backs decision over Syrian refugees after social media backlash

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher has defended his decision to vote against plans for Britain to accept unaccompanied Syrianchild refugees – after coming under fire on social media. Recent news which hit the headlines stated that around 10,000 migrant children are missing in Europe, with the Ho...

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17 OCT 2016

Tamworth students urged to have meningitis vaccine by MP Christopher Pincher

Tamworth students urged to have meningitis vaccine by MP Christopher Pincher Tamworth's MP Christopher Pincher has backed calls by the charity, Meningitis Now encouraging young people to protect themselves from a deadly strain of bacterial meningitis. Following a worrying increase of 809 per cent ...

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16 JUL 2016

Tamworth Herald: Tamworth MP demands equal school funding for Kerria kids

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher has demanded that youngsters from the Kerria and Glascote estates get the same opportunities in life as others in the country. Speaking in the House of Commons last week, Mr Pincher called for fairer funding for Staffordshire schools. He asked Nicky Morgan MP, Educa...

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06 MAY 2016

Tamworth Herald: Tamworth MP talks consistency of dyslexia and dyspraxia provision in local schools

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher has spoke in the House of Commons recently on support for those with specific learning difficulties in Staffordshire schools. Mr Pincher sought clarification from the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, over the consistency of dyslexia and dyspraxia provision across l...

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23 FEB 2016

Tamworth Herald: VIDEO: Tamworth MP heckles Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during EU debate

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher said he has been left "surprised" at the reaction he has received after heckling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during a debate over the EU. The exchange took place yesterday (Monday, February 22) as Mr Corbyn spoke out about the pending EU referendum in the House of Co...

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24 OCT 2014

Tamworth Herald: Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher leads the fight against Hopwas Wood quarry plans

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher has issued a rallying call to the people of Tamworth and the message is clear: save Hopwas Woods! The endangered ancient woodland, which is subject of a 13-year quarry project, has caused outrage with members of the local community and campaigners are now fighting to...

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13 APR 2014

Tamworth Herald: MP Christopher Pincher blasts HS2 for being "unfair" on Tamworth residents

Tamworth's MP has blasted HS2 after voting against the proposals in Government earlier this week. Christopher Pincher, who admits plans for a new high speed rail link are likely to go ahead, said it will have a severe impact on communities in Tamworth. He said: "My constituents are not nimbys. The...

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03 AUG 2012

ConservativeHome: If we don't get our energy policy right we'll suffer outages of the kind India has suffered

This week power outages swept across northern India as three grids covering 20 states and 600 million people failed to cope with demand. Transport and water systems ground to a halt. Hospitals were plunged in darkness. Miners were trapped below ground. India, in a word, endured havoc. With a fl...

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20 MAR 2012

ConservativeHome: National pay bargaining is a throwback to the collectivist 1970s - and it should go

The Blogosphere and Twittersphere are awash with rumour of what is in the budget. T'was ever thus of course. Last year I wrote such an article on "what the Chancellor should do" here on ConHome. Nor is it new for the opponents of potential measures to get their retaliation in well before the Cha...

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01 MAR 2012

The Commentator: The Straight of Hormuz is International Waters not an International Bargaining Chip

Any lack of resolve at the Strait of Hormuz will send a message to every ambitious state at every international choke point in the world that all they have to do is squeeze and they will get what they want, writes Christopher Pincher MP. As Iran continues to threaten the closure of the Stra...

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06 FEB 2012

ConservativeHome: Wind farms are expensive, unreliable, damage local environments and subsidise foreign industry

Britain should not build on-shore wind turbines because they are "elegant". There are no points to be won for that. We should build them only if they are efficient and contribute significantly to our energy needs, our security requirements and our carbon reduction targets. Unfortunately, on-shore w...

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10 DEC 2011

ConservativeHome: Localising pay bargaining would bring public sector wages in line with the private sector, and economic reality

The Chancellor's Autumn Statement contained important initiatives to wean Britain off the dangerous Brown cocktail of a burgeoning public sector, ballooning deficit financing and an over-reliance of the financial services sector. The drink was laced, some might say purposely spiked, by the Labour go...

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09 NOV 2011

ConservativeHome: If we want cheap, clean, and secure energy, we need a new generation of nuclear power stations

In the not so far-flung future, we face the prospect of a national power shortage. Global competition for fuel is increasing (look at the energy hunger in China alone) whilst at home our dwindling supplies of North Sea oil and gas mean that whereas a decade ago Britain was self sufficient, we now im...

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Why Nuclear Must Power Ahead (01 Mar 2013)

Chris has written an article on the future of nuclear energy in the UK. The article was published in: Nuclear Industry Association; Industry Link, Spring 2013.

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A Conversation with Christopher Pincher MP (28 Nov 2012)

Chris was interviewed by Energy Focus Magazine talking about energy security and his appointment to the PGES Executive Council in October 2012

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House Magazine (20 Jun 2011)

Christopher Pincher MP on the Military Covenant: security for veterans, safety for taxpayers.

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