04 DEC 2014

Christopher Pincher raises karting track issue in Parliament

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth, asked the Leader of the House of Commons, William Hague, for a debate highlight the issues of cross-border planning such as the go-Karting track in North Warwickshire which affects residents of Tamworth.

During Business questions Mr Pincher asked:

"May we have a debate on planning rules, particularly the rights of local residents living on the borders of local authorities? For example, there is a go-carting track in north Warwickshire that has a significant impact on my constituents over the road in Tamworth, yet those residents have no say in the election of North Warwickshire councillors, who of course make the planning decisions. I know there are rules about consultation and feedback, but a debate would allow us to discuss how we can address that continuing question of accountability."

In response Mr Hague said:

"I agree that accountability on these things is important. As always, on these and other matters, my hon. Friend speaks up well for the interests of his constituents. It is open to him to pursue a debate....."

Speaking later Mr Pincher commented

"It is important that the issues faced by residents of Acorn Ridge in Stonydelph are known to ministers and parliamentary colleagues so that future planning legislation and local plans are designed with all local residents in mind and not just those living in the same borough. I have also highlighted this issue to housing and planning minister, Brandon Lewis."

"I will continue to talk with North Warwickshire Borough Council and Tamworth Borough Council to ensure that noise levels from the karting track are monitored and that more mitigation is put in place if unacceptable noise levels persist."

Planning permission was granted by North Warwickshire Borough Council (NWBC) for Priory Park karting track to re-open and run high powered karts. Local residents feel that noise levels will exceeded levels granted by the NWBC and will affect homes on Acorn Ridge. Similar issues affect residents in Browns Lane, Tamworth where building is proposed on nearby Lichfield District Council land.

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