20 JAN 2015

Pincher & Ellis Discuss Crime Concerns with Stonydelph Residents

Tamworth's MP, Christopher Pincher, last weekend organized a "street surgery" for residents of Fossdale Road, Stonydelph, to meet him and Staffordshire's Police & Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis. The surgery was held in response to local concerns about the extent of low level crime and anti-social behaviour on the cycle paths around Stonydelph Lakes. Mr Pincher, together with Mr Ellis and local councillors set out on a pre-advertised route starting at Garrigill along the cycle paths toward Hebden and ending at Grindsbrook. Along the way they met over a dozen local residents who came to meet them and show them areas were crime occurs.

Mr Pincher said:

"Back in November I organized an issue survey of Fossdale residents. One of their clear concerns was the level of anti-social behaviour, especially speeding motorbikes, around the lakes. So I arranged for Matthew Ellis to visit and for Stonydelph's local PCSO Nicky Fenlon to join us on our walkabout. It was a really useful way to see for ourselves some of the issues people are concerned about so we can take them up."

"I hold street surgeries alongside my regular Friday surgery and village hall surgeries as they prove to be a good way to pick up the "street corner" issues that many people worry about."

Commissioner Ellis commented:

"I was very pleased to take up Chris Pincher's invitation to visit Stonydelph and meet local law enforcers and residents. I have picked up several issues which I know concern residents and which I will ask my office to deal with. Getting out and about is the best way to find out what is really going on."

Stonydelph's local Councillor, Steve Doyle, who joined the group added:

"I keep a checklist of issues and residents in streets such as Greenlee, Haltonlea and Grindsbrook all mention crime concerns. Crime is going down in Tamworth but we must always be vigilant and one step ahead so I am pleased we got the man who runs our county's police to visit us."

One very recent issue not picked up in Mr Pincher's 2014 survey is the dredging of the lake near Grindsbrook. Although residents say a good job was done, a large amount of silt has been left in the lake risking it becoming polluted again. Mr Pincher has undertaken to take up the issue with council to see if further work to clear the remaining silt can done soon.

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