23 SEP 2014

Pincher Meets PM on English Votes for English Laws

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth, joined other Conservative MPs to meet David Cameron at Chequers, the Prime Minister's country residence, at the weekend to discuss next steps after the Scottish devolution vote. Mr Pincher was one of a handful of MPs invited by Mr Cameron to h...

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09 APR 2013

Lady Thatcher 1925-2013

I became a Conservative because of the miners' strike thirty years ago. I remember just as vividly now, as I did then, how wrong it felt that a gang of unelected men should try to hold the country, and its elected government, to ransom without any ballot of their union's membership. They called th...

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Well said! The facts are not rehearsed enough. Not enough people know that Scargill lost three ballots on a national strike before he decided to tear up the rule-book. People forget that most miners in the Midlands and North Wales didn't go on strike. They also forget about the other mining union, NACODS, whose members were physically attacked because they voted differently. Even Communist Mick McGahey thought that Scargill went too far with the violence, but this is never said. Most of the media give too much slack to the striking miners, even if they are prepared to criticise the monster Scargill.
- Ed

I can remember my granny being terrified and in the dark in her little bungalow just outside London miles away from us. Not knowing whether she was going to have heat it light. I remember my dearest friend who died in a car crash at 17 years old not being buried for three months because of strikes. Operations cancelled No post and telephones when there was no e mail or mobile phones . I remember typing in gloves by candlelight in my office (that wouldn't happen now) . She was wonderful she stopped the rot. No argument. The miners etc bought it on themselves. That's why I am a conservative too
- Jan Shaylor

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