24 MAR 2017

Chris Hears How M6 Toll Helps Drive Local Economy

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher last week met Midlands Expressway Ltd (MEL), the company behind the M6 toll road, to hear about its operations in the area. MEL employs 130 people locally and is based just outside Tamworth.

The M6 toll was built in 2003 and has seen increased traffic movements each year. Between October and December 2016 the M6 toll saw nearly 600 journeys each workday. MEL claim this is good news because it means Tamworth sees fewer vehicles using the through roads. This also helps to reduce carbon emissions due to a reduction in stagnant traffic.

Mr Pincher and County Councillor David Smith both met the chief executive of the M6 toll, Andy Pearson.

Mr Pincher said: "I was pleased to meet MEL and hear about the benefits their company and the M6 toll brings to Tamworth and to Lichfield. From diverting through traffic, to bringing jobs to the area, and helping to reduce carbon emissions. I hope that this hidden piece of vital infrastructure can continue to be used and supported."

Councillor David Smith said: "The surprise was seeing the survey that highlighted the high percentage of vehicles that now choose to use the road for through journeys travelling the full length North and South."

Andy Pearson, CEO of MEL, said: "The M6toll does exactly what it was designed to do, allowing through traffic to pass through the West Midlands without delay and in peak weekday hours, 85-95% of through traffic already uses the M6toll. Total traffic has grown by 7.6% per year over the last 5 years and freight traffic has grown by 18.9% per year. On average, nearly 47,800 vehicles used the M6toll each day in 2016 which would otherwise be travelling on the M6 or causing further congestion on local roads."

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