20 APR 2017

Chris Welcomes Tougher Penalties for Litter Louts

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher this week welcomed the Government's new litter strategy which means culprits of littering could be fined up to £150 if caught.

At the moment fines for littering are set by local councils and range from £50-£80. In Tamworth the cost of cleaning up litter is £960,000 per year to the Council.

The fines will help build on measures to better distribute public bins, making it easier to throw away rubbish, and the recommendation that offenders on community sentences help to clear up fly-tipped waste.

The Government has stated that it wants this generation to be the first to leave the environment in a better state than it was found, and that tackling litter is a key priority.

Mr Pincher commented:

"Litter is something that affects us all in Tamworth and the surrounding villages. It blights our town centre, rivers, roads, villages and lanes. It is frankly a lazy habit which every taxpayer picks up the bill for.

"The Litter Strategy will make it easier for people to get rid of litter properly in Tamworth, creating an anti-littering culture and introducing tougher enforcement measures to hit thoughtless litter louts in the pocket."

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I and my husband are regular dog-walkers along the main A5 by the Longwood Pub towards Fazeley, then along canals to Birmingham Road (Coleshill Rd) then back round Drayton Manor Lane. First of all the overhanging trees and bushes along the footpath on the lefthand side are impeding walks by us having to either duck down, or step into the road. Secondly, I am constantly picking up litter as the area is not kept litter-free. I have never seen a litter-gatherer in the area. More litter bins are required, especially the canal area where canal boaters fill up the few existing bins with their domestic rubbish. Next, although I am aware of vandals abusing street benches, there are very few places to sit and rest.
- jennifer smythe

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