22 JUL 2014

Christopher Pincher backs vocational qualifications in Tamworth

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth and surrounding villages, spoke up for the continued improvement of our vocational education and training in Tamworth. Mr Pincher reaffirmed the need to "focus anew on vocational qualifications".

During the debate Mr Pincher highlighted the improvements being made in vocational qualifications and the increased rigor that Tamworth schools have shown towards vocational qualifications saying:

"...Now we have a sixth-form and Tamworth enterprise college, which together provide BTEC courses on everything from construction to IT. South Staffordshire College offers 33 courses and 24 apprenticeships, ranging from veterinary husbandry to bricklaying. That college has a 97% pass rate and a 91% satisfaction rate among students, so it is doing really very well. It is no wonder therefore that Jaguar Land Rover and JCB are recruiting in Tamworth and BMW has come to set up in Tamworth, bringing over 100 skilled and professional jobs. So I welcome what the Government are achieving."

The debate moved on to the quality and quantity of apprenticeships that have been introduced since 2010 which have played a big part in reducing unemployment in Tamworth.

During the debated Mr Pincher stated:

"It is important, therefore, that we focus anew on vocational qualifications, and I am pleased and proud that the Government are focusing on expanding the number of apprenticeships—the figure is 1.8 million since 2010—that they have introduced the higher apprenticeships fund, which will create 10,000 places for state-of-the-art degree level apprenticeships, and are introducing the technical baccalaureate at the end of this year"

The number of apprenticeships in Tamworth has increased from 460 in 2009-2010 to 1,060 in 2013-2014 – an increase of over 130% in just three years.

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