04 DEC 2014

Christopher Pincher comments on David Cameron's immigration plans

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth and surrounding villages, has commented on the latest plans announced by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to curb the number of EU migrants who come to the Britain.

The speech made by the Prime Minister last week in Uttoxeter set out his plans to curb levels of low skilled migrants from
Europe. Legislation will be introduced that will:

  • Block EU migrants from claiming in-work benefits (such as tax credits) or getting social housing until they have bee in the country for four years,
  • End the practice of child benefit being paid to parents whose children live abroad,
  • Stop all benefits for unemployed migrants, and threaten to remove individuals if they are still out of work after six
  • Adopt a 'deport now and appeal later' approach to people seeking to remain in the country once the courts have given a deportation order.

Commenting Mr Pincher said:

"Currently, the growth of our economy is greater than almost the rest of the EU combined (Germany's economy grew by just 0.1% in the last three months) and that means a lot of people in the EU cannot find work at home think about coming to Britain where job numbers are growing. They are encouraged also by favourable welfare entitlements as well as by our growing economy. We must change the 'pull factor' of this country to ensure that those that want to come here are not coming for the wrong reasons."

"That is why I back the Prime Minister's announcement to cut the "pull factors", The Immigration Act has already seen the closure of bogus colleges, restricting the practice of advertising public sector jobs abroad, preventing banks from opening bank accounts to illegal immigrants and ensuring temporary migrants to contribute to the NHS."

"Hardworking people expect and deserve an immigration system that is fair to Britain and one that works for us and I believe that the measures implemented in the Immigration Act, coupled with last week's announced will help to achieve this. But there is still much more work to be done. We must look to deliver real change in the way the EU operates so it works for Britain, I do not believe the current rules which cede control of our borders to Brussels are right. We should insist on a new more flexible and free relationship like that of the Common Market (which was what we voted to join) and then give people a say on the result through an in/out referendum. If we do not like what we are being offered we can then decide if we want to stay. As the Prime Minister said in his speech, if our "demands for change fall on deaf ears", then we can and will act to change our destiny."

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