25 NOV 2013

Conservatives are taking action to reduce Energy Bills now

Christopher Pincher, Member of Parliament for Tamworth, supports action to help reduce household energy bills immediately by rolling back green levies, making it easier for people to switch suppliers and putting people on the lowest tariffs.

As a Member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, Mr. Pincher said in the House of Commons that Labour Party proposals to freeze energy prices for 20 months amount to nothing more than "political charlatanism" that will result in higher prices, damage energy investment and freeze out competition.

Mr. Pincher said:

"I support the action Conservatives are taking to reduce energy bills for hardworking people. We are simplifying energy tariffs and ensuring that everyone is on the cheapest possible tariff which could save people up to £158 and challenging the industry to allow 24 hour switching. Making switching suppliers easier could save the consumer £200. The Prime Minister is committed to rolling back green levies which add £112 each year to the average annual bill and place a burden on businesses and households. These measures will help bring bills down now."

"Under Labour gas bills more than doubled, electricity bills went up by more than 50%, the number of available energy tariffs rose to more than 400, and Labour created the 'Big Six' oligopoly."

"Fixing prices will only mean that energy companies will hike their prices in anticipation of that fix. That means that people will be paying artificially high prices, particularly if the wholesale price falls during the period of the freeze."

Conservatives say that freezing energy prices is a political con trick. It means that hard pressed consumers will be saddled with permanently high bills. What is needed is a cut in bills and that is what the government's Energy Bill legislation currently being debated in the House of Lords is designed to achieve. Conservatives have criticized Labour for saying one thing about freezing prices whilst at the same time pushing a "decarbonisation target" amendment to the Energy Bill which would add a further £125 to many bills.

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