19 MAY 2018

Dementia Awareness Week

The week 21st-25th May marks Dementia Awarness Week.

The Government is integrating and improving health and social care to protect people at every stage of their lives, increasing NHS spending by a minimum of £8 billion in real terms over the next five years. Furthermore, the Government is committed to publishing a Green Paper this year, which will outline a new social care policy, which is financially sustainable, accessible, and properly integrated with the NHS. I am encouraged by the establishment of the Department of Health and Social Care this year, which will oversee the intelligent integration of health and social care, which I believe will be vitally important with Alzheimer's, on which so much important research is undertaken in the NHS. The separation between the two has at times made it difficult in the past for people with Alzheimer's to receive the help and support they require, I hope this can quickly change.

Finally, Tamworth is getting involved with Dementia Action Week and I have enclosed a copy of this year's timetable as you may find some of the events to be of interest to you or your friends and family. The local team have been working very hard to promote this with posters around the town and social media awareness and so I expect the events will be well attended. I will also be raising awareness in my next online video which will be available on my Facebook page.

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