10 AUG 2015

Migration Crisis In Calais

Christopher Pincher, MP for Tamworth, has raised his concern at the ongoing situation in Calais.

The Prime Minister announced on Friday that Britain will fund extra fencing and more detection dogs to search vehicles at the approach to Coquelles. This will supplement the £12 million we have already invested in security in Calais and will ensure we send a clear message: our border is secure and there is no easy way into the United Kingdom. The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, is working to ensure that economic migrants understand that embarking on the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean will result in their being returned to their own countries. The Home Secretary and French Minister of the Interior are returning 200 migrants every month who have no right to asylum.

Mr Pincher said:

"I understand and agree with the worries of those living in Kent, as well as the frustrations of holidaymakers and hauliers that have been affected by the scenes we see every night from Calais."

"I welcome what the government is doing to strengthen our frontiers in Calais and ensure that any illegal migrants who do get through will not have access to cars, homes or bank accounts. Failed asylum seekers' families will also lose any benefit payments. We must send a clear message that Illegal migrants coming without permission will not be allowed to stay in Britain. The Prime Minister was quite right to speak up for British people in our own words. I also think it is important that the rest of the EU looks at how to improve its border control. That is why we are introducing a new provision in the upcoming Immigration Bill to enable private landlords to evict illegal immigrants without a court order. The Bill will also create a new criminal offence meaning landlords who fail to evict illegal immigrants could face up to five years in prison. This will ensure that anyone without the right to live in this country will find it more difficult to rent a home. We must send a very clear message. Britain will always take care of genuine refugees but we will not accept economic migrants who travel across Europe believing they have a right to enter Britain."

"The French and British governments are working in close collaboration and cooperation on this issue, tackling the problem at its root, by cracking down on the organised crime gangs smuggling people into Europe, returning illegal migrants, and working with home and transit countries to stop people making this perilous journey in the first place."

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