20 MAR 2017

MP Demands Arkall Farm Re-think

Local MP Christopher Pincher has this week called on the Local Government Department to review the controversial decision to approve Arkall Farm and have it decided by an independent inspector.

The application was decided by Lichfield District Council's planning committee at the beginning of March. There has been a big backlash from the local community

Local residents and Tamworth councillors claim that the development for 1000 houses will not provide the infrastructure that the area requires to cope with the extra people and their cars.

Mr Pincher has written to the Secretary of State responsible for planning applications, Sajid Javid MP, to 'call in' the decision which means that a Government inspector will hear the arguments for and against.

He said: "I have written to the Secretary of State and alerted him personally to the concerns of local residents about the harm that this development could cause to infrastructure north of Tamworth.

"There is a wider issue that I am raising with the Government which is that of 'outer borough development', where local authorities grant planning applications and receive all the benefits with little need to provide the infrastructure. That becomes the problem of the authority next door. Tamworth already will need to cope with the impact of building on the Ashby Road and this proposal will make the challenge much worse."

"I agree that we need to provide more homes for local people and to support the new and better skilled jobs that are being created in the area. And I very much support Lichfield District Council's plans to increase its housing provision. But I do not think it can be done at Arkall Farm without infrastructure investment in Tamworth."

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