10 FEB 2017

Voting against Brexit would be undemocratic and disrespectful says Tamworth MP

Tamworth's MP Christopher Pincher has criticised opposition MPs who seek to disrupt or prevent Brexit as 'undemocratic and disrespectful'.

His comments come as the much publicised debate on the bill to withdraw from the EU took place this week which seeks to ensure that Article 50 will be invoked.

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill was introduced to Parliament at the end of January following the Supreme Court ruling but has faced criticism for being too short and open ended. The Bill contains just 137 words and two clauses.

Earlier this week MPs debated until the late hours on amendments to the bill that focussed on matters such as the rights of EU nationals, whether to stay in the single market, and whether Parliament should have a final say on the deal.

The Prime Minister Theresa May however warned MPs not to 'obstruct' the will of the people, and not introduce unnecessary bureaucracy which means the United Kingdom will remain in the EU 'by the back door'.

In the referendum last year Tamworth voted approximately 66% to leave the EU and local MP Christopher Pincher, who is now a key part of the Brexit department, has pledged to ensure the result is respected and the process of withdrawing begins by 31st March this year.

He commented:

"This Government and I are committed to ensuring we follow the result of the historic referendum and issue our notice to leave the EU by the end of March.

"Some of those in opposition parties have expressed their opinion that they will vote against the process to leave and will introduce amendments which seek to disrupt the process. This in my opinion would be fundamentally undemocratic and disrespectful to the millions across the United Kingdom and 66% of Tamworth residents that voted to leave.

"However I want to assure every resident in Tamworth that no matter how you voted we will seek a deal which is in the best interests of the entire United Kingdom."

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