My major policy interests are the economy, welfare, immigration, defence, energy and education. Many of them are linked and provide interesting parallels, such as the effect of welfare on immigration and immigration on the economy, and the link between energy and strategy in securing our fuel supplies.

Our economy is the engine of our society so tackling our deficit is the priority of this government – our deficit must be reduced if we are to keep interest rates low to stimulate business and jobs around the country. Today's deficit and tomorrow's prosperity are inextricably linked.

My duties serving on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee between 2010 and 2015, and the Armed Forces Bill Committee in 2011, furthered my deep interests in both energy and military policy. I am particularly interested in how the two relate to energy security.

A large 'post-bag' issue for me is uncontrolled immigration. I regularly speak about this issue in the House of Commons as I believe if immigration is not managed it is bad for the economy and bad for society.

I take an interest in other policy areas – such as justice and foreign affairs – from my 'save Tamworth's courts' campaign and my membership of All Party Parliamentary Groups – but as there are only so many hours in each day I have, like all MPs, learned to prioritise.

After the election in May 2015, I was appointed as the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, which has heightened my interest in foreign policy further. A Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) is appointed by a minister to be the 'eyes and ears' of the respective minister in the House of Commons.

Concerns of my constituents and issues affecting Tamworth and the surrounding areas also drive my focus in other policy areas. Since becoming the Member of Parliament for Tamworth I have spent a lot of time investigating Labour's disastrous Building Schools for the Future proposals and liaising with Ministers, local schools and residents trying to gain academy status for all Tamworth's schools. I think the flexibility and opportunity offered by academy status will help to further drive up standards, increase student's chances and improve opportunities from ambitious and dedicated teachers.

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