The Prime Minister has made it clear that Personal Independence Payments are not being cut and no one will see a reduction in their payment entitlement as a consequence of these changes. The Government are ensuring that the original intention of PIP is restored and that funding is awarded to those who need it the most.

PIP involves a more objective assessment, including a face-to-face consultation, to help target support at those who need it most. Assessments do not consider the condition alone but the impact that it has on an individual's life. Should someone's condition change under PIP, the new system will ensure they will continue to the get the right award and reduce the capacity for over- and under-payments. The system has undergone extensive independent review, and the Government has accepted a number of recommendations for improving assessments; I can assure you that any changes to criteria have been carefully considered and consulted on.

On the issue of these payments and those with mental health conditions, figures show that two thirds of people with mental health conditions who are claiming personal independence payments and in receipt of it are awarded the higher daily living rate allowance, compared with less than a quarter under the previous disability living allowance arrangements. This suggests that PIP is proving successful in identifying where support is needed and providing it appropriately.


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